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Japan's KM Biologics begins продолжить чтение trial of COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Japan Photo Journal: Textiles lined up for bleaching on sunny snowfield in Niigata Pref. Travel Discover Tohoku with the New JR East Pass GaijinPot Blog. The leaders of the US, Australia, India and Japan agree to deliver the vaccines by the end of 2022. Global Dining Inc claims the order "is illegal and unconstitutional as it infringes the right to freedom of… Read. A tsunami struck the Japanese plant in 2011, leading to the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. National Regulator to Japab TEPCO from restarting troubled nuclear plant in Niigata Mar.


 · Japan will emerge from 10 weeks of coronavirus restrictions on Sunday, just in time for the peak of the annual cherry blossom viewing season. ( Japan cults target lonely college students isolated by pandemic Cults and other dubious groups are  · The Renesas fire is set to make it even more difficult for car-makers to buy the chips they need. No international fans will be permitted at the delayed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics this 2 days ago · Latest news and in-depth analyses on Japanese politics, business, crime,technology, society and culture from Okinawa to Fukushima to Tokyo,translated into English from 21 марта в Жители Японии хотели бы ускорить темпы вакцинации По меньшей мере 65,6% жителей Японии считают, что вакцинация в стране идет медленными темпами

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